Smart Anti-theft Boundary Wall Security System

Secure your boundary walls or open boundaries from intrusion. The Smart Anti-theft Boundary Wall Security System project introduces a comprehensive solution to enhance the security infrastructure of industrial facilities. By deploying a conductive electric fence along the perimeter, connected to transmitter and receiver poles, the system creates a solid barrier against unauthorized access. This innovative configuration ensures that any attempt to breach the perimeter wall will give an electric shock, allowing for rapid response and intervention. Not only does this system provide an alternative to traditional security methods, but its visible presence also serves as a strong deterrent and terror to potential intruders, minimizing security risks and safeguarding valuable assets. More importantly, the Smart Boundary Wall security system represents a proactive and effective approach to hardening industrial facilities, prioritizing safety and security in today’s dynamic threat landscape.



    • Easy installation and configuration.
    • High-Resolution Camera 24 x 7 Security cum monitoring.
    • Real-time video feed accessible via mobile or web applications.
    • High voltage & Low ampere Sock in the wall boundary.