Dual input hybrid Table FAN

Dual input hybrid Table fan is an energy efficient fan. It can be connected with 230V grid supply as well as 12V battery/solar as backup source. Usually fan runs on grid supply, if grid supply goes off the fan runs on battery automatically, and if grid again available it switched to the grid. This fan runs on Battery/solar only if the mains supply is not available, it does not charge the battery while running on grid supply. It is very useful for places where frequent power cut is there. High Speed DC motor for wider air delivery.


Key Features and Advantages

    • Super energy saver ceiling fan with smooth start without any jerk.
    • Power consumption 10 watt, it saves upto 70% of your electricity bills in comparison to ordinary fan.
    • Highest service value more than 8 (air delivery/watt).
    • This fan runs 3 times longer on inverter resulting in longer battery life.
    • No humming noise.
    • Wide operating Voltage 100V-290V AC.
    • No heating of the fan even after long hours of running resulting extralong Life.
    • Over Voltage Protection: When the input voltage range goes beyond 290 V, it will automatically cut off
    • 1 years of limited warranty.
    • 100% copper winding, premium quality material, double ball bearings, sleek design, glossy powder coating for smooth finishing, blades and motor body made of aluminium.
    • Easy speed control.
    • LED Light: This can be used as a night lamp and it always indicates the state of working by blinking. (13) Every fan is tested in extreme conditions before shipping.