Solar EPC: 19.98 KWp


Project Background

Situated in Dinajpur, the solar power plant takes advantage of the region’s abundant sunlight to generate clean and sustainable energy. The strategic location ensures optimal exposure to sunlight, maximizing energy production throughout the year. This installation serves as a pilot project, exemplifying GTC’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Rooftop of GTC.

Project Description

GTC proudly presents its pioneering solar power project in Dinajpur, marking a significant stride towards sustainable and renewable energy solutions. The installation boasts a capacity of 19.98 kWp, utilizing cutting-edge technology from JA Solar and Sungrow.

The major components used in the project

PV Modules:

JA Solar, 540W, 37 nos


Sungrow 20KW, 3-phase

Circuit Breakers:

Hyundai-MCCB (40A)


AC/DC Cables:

NYYF: 1×4 mm2

NYYF:5×10 mm2

BYA:   1×10 mm2

BYA:   1×4 mm2

Energy Meter:

Hosaf Single Tarrif 100A meter