Solar EPC – 150.26kWp Rooftop

Bombay Sweets & Co. Ltd.

Project Background

Bombay Sweets & Co., Ltd. (BSCL) is a name associated with consumers of snack food for more than 5 decades in Bangladesh and abroad. The company made its modest start the beginning of way back in 1948. The new head office of BSCL commenced operations in June 2019 near Purbachal 300 ft.

PV modules being installed on metal roof

Project Description

The new head office of BSCL had insufficient utility grid connection, so they had to resort to using diesel generators during office hours to support their electricity needs. This situation had to be resolved because the generators were a source of environmental and noise pollution as well as more than doubled the electricity cost. As the office is a one-storied steel structure that has an unutilized rooftop, a solar energy plant can be installed to meet the energy demand.

With Covid-19 affecting the world economy, the plant procurement has been delayed, and by the time installation was completed the grid connection was also connected, that is why on-grid inverters were installed. Now, with its solar energy plant commissioned above 90% of electricity costs are being saved.

Aerial View of the Plant

The major components used in the project are:

  • PV Modules:
    Trina Solar TSM-405DEG15M.20(II)
  • Inverters:
    Solis-3P20K-4G, Solis-60K-4G
  • Circuit Breakers:
    ABB-MCCB (40A) – 1 nos., ABB-MCCB (125A) – 2 nos. & Mitsubishi-ELCB (300A) – 1 nos.
  • AC/DC Cables:
    BSS Cables – 4x35rm (NYYF), 5x10rm (NYYF), 1x16rm (BYA), 1x6rm (BYA)
  • Energy Meter:
    Secure Premier 300

PV modules installed on the RCC roof

2x 60kW Solis Inverter

1x 20kW Solis Inverter

Interim Generation Chart of March 2021

1xCircuit Breakers and Energy Meter in LT Panel