Solar EPC: 48.4 KWp

M.A Polymer Industries

Project Background

M.A Polymer Industries, a renowned name in the plastic sector, is known for its quality and innovation. Recognizing the importance of sustainability and cost-efficiency, the company has decided to invest in renewable energy by installing a solar power project.

Rooftop of M.A Polymer Industries Ltd.

Project Description

M.A Polymer Industries, a leading player in the plastic sector, is embarking on a solar power project to reduce electricity costs and comply with Bangladeshi regulations mandating solar energy utilization. With a planned installation of 48.4 kWp using LONGI 575Wp solar panels and a 50 kW CRRC inverter, the project aims to save at least 10% on electricity bills while demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainability and regulatory compliance.

The major components used in the project

PV Modules:

Longi Solar, 575W, 108 nos


CRRC 50KW, 3-phase

Circuit Breakers:


AC/DC Cables:

BBS Cables – 1x35rm (NYYF)
BBS Cables – 1x4rm (NYYF)

Energy Meter:

Secure Premier 300