120-Meter Met Tower (Wind)

Lemsikhali, Kutubdia, Cox’s Bazaar

Project Background

The Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), the nodal agency to facilitate and promote renewable energy in Bangladesh, intended to conduct a site-specific wind data collection campaign at two potential sites within the coastal regions of Bangladesh.

Project Description

SREDA has selected the Joint Venture of Harness Energy, LLC (USA) and Global Renewable Energy Ltd.(GREL) Under TARERAP project to install two meteorological masts at two development zones and collect wind data for a period of two years. The contract commenced on 20th June 2022, and it will provide crucial wind feasibility data to the Government of Bangladesh to aid in its green energy and sustainable development goals. The projects are in Lemsikhali, Kutubdia, Cox’s Bazaar, and North Charfasson, Charfasson, Bhola, and both projects are funded by The World Bank.

In Lemsikhali, Kutubdia, Cox’s Bazaar of Bangladesh, a 120-meter MET tower was constructed to assess the site’s wind potential, and numerous sensors were installed at various heights of the tower to gauge the wind resources by the Joint Venture of Harness Energy, LLC, and Global Renewable Energy Limited, Ltd. A wind model of the location will be created using specialized software after measurement over a 24-month period (two years). The wind model will assess whether it is feasible and profitable to erect wind turbines there.