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    An EPC Company (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)

Global Renewable Bangladesh Ltd. (GREL) started its journey in the renewable energy sector in 2007 as Construction (BD). It has evolved to meet the ever- increasing demand for renewable energy, environment, and Sustainable Agriculture. Our commitment and partnerships with our customers, continuous investment in facilities, equipment and cutting edge technologies have made us a market leader.

We are the pioneer here in Bangladesh for WIND ENERGY RESOURCE STUDY with NREL and HARNESS Energy, USA and already have finished the Bangladesh wind mapping project. We are proud to have our products and services are being distributed across the country. At present we are working in the development of new wind projects in the southern part of Bangladesh. Including wind projects, we are actively working with different Industries like Garments, Textiles, Cold Storage, Auto Rice Mills, Plastic Product to develop solar Grid Tied projects under net metering policy developed by the Ministry of Power Energy and Minerals Resources (MPEMR).

GREL’s tireless effort invested to mitigate the impacts of global warming, climate change, salinity, and drought by bringing renewable energy in the society will continue. Through its journey GREL became close partner of Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources of Bangladesh (MPEMR), Sustainable and Renewable Energy Authority of Bangladesh (SREDA), Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited (BIFFL), SCUBE, SOLARLAND BANGLADESH, CONSTRUCTION (BD), SUNEC LTD, and TERRACOTTA CORPORATION. In many projects, all these organizations are working as a partner and individually also. We cooperate with a lot of well-known domestic photovoltaic production enterprises and research institution to apply new technology and products for Wind and Solar. Our solutions have been successfully implemented in many solar projects in the country. We commit to offer a complete solution to customers combining planning, system integrating and engineering construction. Stable and long term return from the Sun, Wind and Bio Waste make investments safely guaranteed!

Now Global Renewable Bangladesh Ltd. (GREL) pays attention in installing commercial, residential and public sector off-grid and grid–connected solar electric systems. The implementation of on grid systems are being done through NET Metering Policy developed by SREDA. Bangladesh’s Present government has announced Net Metering (NEM) policy, through which any three phase electricity connection owner can a renewable energy producer and seller.


Global Renewable Bangladesh Ltd. (GREL) mission is to facilitate the increased development of renewable energy in Bangladesh through collaboration with the government and private entities, education, training, and advocacy. For economic and environmental reasons, GREL believes the Earth will benefit greatly from the rapid development of renewable energy resources and Bangladesh can be a leader in such development where GREL will bet the development partner.


Research, Development, and Consultancy on renewable energy from different sources including Solar, Wind, Bio-gas and Waste. Helping companies to set up waste Management, Compost, and Bio Gas. Consultancy and development of Eco-friendly agro companies.


❏ Established in Bangladesh in 2007 as Construction (BD).
❏ Core team size of 20 with a total experience of 20 years.
❏ Completed 200+ Projects that directed benefited 0.5 Million population.
❏ Ongoing projects includes 100 MWp solar projects.
❏ Ongoing large rooftop solar panel for 20+ factories.


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GREL Core Team

Ifteekhar Ayub

Ifteekhar Ayub

Managing Director
Md Aftab Uddin

Md Aftab Uddin